Staffing Services for Healthcare Practices

Our goal is to find you the most qualified individuals with healthcare backgrounds in order to build a solid team for your office and increase your bottom line.

Job Placement for Healthcare Professionals

Whether you're seeking full-time employment, temporary work, or income while you search for your dream job, Dental Ink can help!
Full Service Employment

Dental Ink will provide employment to dental and medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, home care aide, front office, and hygienists looking for permanent and/or temporary work. Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Permanent Job Placement
  • Personal Interviewing
  • Advertising and screening for the client exclusive position
  • Background Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Consultation
  • Job Readiness/Resume and Cover letter Assistance
Save Time & Money

Our recruiting placement fees are based on the candidate’s experience and the position to be filled. Whether you’re seeking a permanent employee or have a temporary staffing emergency, we can save you time and money by:


  • Personally interviewing all applicants
  • Thoroughly checking references
  • Conducting background checks and random drug tests
  • Advertising and screening for your exclusive position
  • Arranging personal or working interviews
  • Testing the applicant’s office skills
Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing services have employees ready around-the-clock, on a “24/7” basis for:


  • Vacation, sick leave or maternity leave replacements
  • Coverage during peak workloads
  • Staffing for special projects
  • Loss of a full time employee
To get started, fill out the employer forms under our forms tab.
Making A Mark in the Healthcare Industry