Full Service Employment

Dental Ink will provide employment to dental and medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, home care aide, front office, and hygienists looking for permanent and/or temporary work. Our services include but are not limited to:

• Permanent Job Placement

• Personal Interviewing

• Advertising and screening for the client exclusive position

• Background Check

• Drug Screening

• Consultation

• Job Readiness/Resume and Cover letter Assistance

Save Time & Money

Our recruiting placement fees are based on the candidate’s experience and the position to be filled. Whether you’re seeking a permanent employee or have a temporary staffing emergency, as your medical and dental staffing agency we can save you time and money by:

• Personally interviewing all applicants

• Thoroughly checking references

• Conducting background checks and random drug tests

• Advertising and screening for your exclusive position

• Arranging personal or working interviews

• Testing the applicant’s office skills

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing services have employees ready around-the-clock, on a “24/7” basis for:

• Vacation, sick leave or maternity leave replacements

• Coverage during peak workloads

• Staffing for special projects

• Loss of a full time employee